To pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors namely teaching, research, and consultancy and continuing education and to remain accountable in our core and support functions, through processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement. We are constantly improving and optimizing our group synergy to provide excellent standards and quality in our products and services. Reasonable and fair pricing, high-yield productivity, on-time delivery and minimal rejection rates are our top priorities for quality assurance.


We have been specializing in the fabrication of all types of equipment, vessels etc, and will be able to fabricate and supply equipments to your fullest satisfaction. Most jobs we have done are as per clientandrsquo;s drawing and specifications.

  • Tail gas and absorption and stripping towers for chlorine, Bromine, HCL and other corrosive gases.

  • Bleach Liquor Towers.

  • Pure, FRP Acid Storage Tanks, Transportation Tanks.

  • PVC / FRP Chlorine Drying Tower ( Up to 120 T / day ) with internals,packing.

  • Blowers in FRP,PP AND PVC.

  • Electrical Insulator.

  • HCL Scrubbers / Venturi Scrubbers.

  • Large storage for HCL up to 150 cu.m capacity.

  • Special vessel in pure FRP, using Vinylester and Bisphenol Resins for Chlorine De-chlorination system ( up to 25 cu.m capacity )

  • Special vessels in CPVC / FRP, PVDF / FRP.

Most of the jobs are done according to strict supervision and stringent specifications. Many large tanks are made by adopting single piece moulding for high reliability and long life. Apart from the above we have very good experience and supply of Pure FRP, PVC / FRP, CPVC/FRP, PP/FRP pipes and hand made,Filament wounded of various dimensions using BPE VE resins.

  • Tail gas and absorption and stripping towers for chlorine, Bromine, HCL and other corrosive gases.

  • Equipments for Vacuum infusion process for windmill products and custom made items.

  • Electrical Oven for bending and forming the PVC, PP, PPH CPVC, PVDF sheets.

  • Compressors for hot air.

  • Specialized hot air welding mirror-welding kits for PVC, CPVC and PP Pipe line work.

  • Portable kits for undertaking site jobs at client’s factories and remote Areas.

  • Testing equipments.

  • Weldplast welding machine for thermoplastic welding for good quality and strength.

We have about 90 staffs including managers, engineers, supervisors and skilled workmen. We have been meeting the demand of process equipment, vessels, pipes etc for chemical industries both in India and abroad. Also we have been supplying FRP components for major windmill manufacturers.
With our skilled labor force we can carry out jobs at any site without difficulty.